OCD is an extremely complex condition and is frequently misunderstood even amongst those who have OCD. But it can be treated.

Who am I?

My name is Trudy and I have OCD and epilepsy and I’m writing this blog to try to raise awareness of OCD.

As well as being a trustee I’m also an Awareness Champion for OCD Action and do my best to raise awareness of OCD wherever and whenever I can. Hopefully this blog will help to raise awareness of what is a very misunderstood condition which can be extremely debilitating but OCD can be treated.

I’ve included my epilepsy as it’s inextricably linked to my OCD. In fact it was probably the primary trigger for my OCD. 

About my blog:

My blog isn’t a book, instead I post things as and when I think of them, hence things aren’t necessarily in the right chronological order. Now my OCD would love to start all over again and put things in the right order but I’ve taken a big breath and said no, things are staying as they are.

When I started blogging I purposely didn’t look at anyone else’s blog as I wanted mine to be my own work and style. Having now looked at other OCD blogs it’s interesting to see just how different they all are. Some are simply posted in diary format, some are positive whilst some are negative, some are humorous, some are informative whilst others contain a lot of misinformation. But it’s great to see everyone expressing their views, each in their own way helping to raise awareness of OCD.

I’ve tried to create a positive blog to pass on my experience of my ongoing recovery especially in relationship to therapy. I have included the various techniques and skills that I’ve been taught by my kind consultants and therapists. I have also posted other information that I’ve learnt as I’ve gone along including some useful tips, suggestions and the various tools that I now have in my OCD recovery tool box. Some of the information on this blog was originally posted on the first blog that I created and has been updated

Hopefully some of the posts will provide food for thought and initiate discussion.

By lowering our expectations 


raising our goals 

we can start to realise our full potential. 

Feedback is very welcome and so please do feel free to post comments on the posts.

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For more information on OCD visit the OCD Action website